Anne, May 1967 Playboy Centerfold by Janet Aligner

Booth #120

Artist Bio:
Janet Allinger is an illustrator and Graphic Designer from Santa Cruz, California who enjoys creating fine art when not working on client logos, wine/beer labels or poster designs.

Her current fine art series, are collages made from vintage adult magazines such as, Playboy, Penthouse and other obscure titles dating between 1950-the 70s. These original mixed media “Porntraits” as she calls them, are recreations of the females discovered inside the vintage magazines.

“I start each piece with a pencil outline of the centerfold onto a wood panel.  Next, I cut and tear pieces of magazine pages and apply with varnish, filling in each section of the sketched playmate using various text pages for skin tones and photos/ads for hair, eyes, etc.

Included on the back of each Porntrait, I varnish the original playmate picture from the magazine, along with any other information found about the her.  My LENA, for example is of Lena Söderberg who appeared as the centerfold in November 1972.  This magazine centerfold photo was used back in 1973 to test algorithms in digital image processing and became one of the most used images in computer history and made Lena quite famous amongst computer engineers.”

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