Oranges with Birds by Yong Chun Yin

Booth #1029

Artist Bio:
Yong Chun Yin Background
Born in Liaoning Province, Northern China, in 1958, Yin Yong Chun has dedicated his life’s passion as a painter to the arts. He honed his craft as a member in the China Artists Association from 1979 to 1983. From 1989 to 1990, Yin Yong Chun pursued his love of painting as a postgraduate at Lu Xun Art Institute after completing his undergraduate studies in Oil Painting from HaErBin Normal University. Today, Yin Yong Chun is an extraordinarily talented, disciplined, and dedicated freelance, professional oil painter in New York City.

Collection Success
From his postgraduate studies in 1989 to the present, Yin Yong Chun’s paintings have received critical acclaim and praise. His paintings have been bought and sought after by collectors and artists alike. Demand for his works continues unabated as requests for portrait and compositional works increase every year.

Style and Technique
Yin Yong Chun separates himself from others using refined yet unique techniques combined with the realism which so influenced by many of the European works from which he studies intensely. Using classical western techniques with Asian compositional influences, he can express moving thoughts through static objects that have inherently eternal, aesthetic emotions. His Paintings strive to be true to nature. As Yin Yong Chun attests, nature is the “genuine article”

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