Selfportrait the Crowd by Suena

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Artist Bio:
She was born and raised in Busan, Korea. Received her B.F.A. and M.F.A. from Silla University, Busan, Korea.
Many awards she has received include an Excellent Selection from the Art Competition sponsored by Bank of Busan in 2013, 2014, an Award for Excellence from the E-Land Art and Culture Foundation in 2011, and an Award for Excellence from the Kwangju Art Contest in 2011.

Her works has been shown in many galleries in Busan, Korea; Seoul, Korea; the Philippines; New York City; Italy; Japan and London.  I currently live and work in New York City.

Additional Info:
Manhattan’s high rise buildings stand firmly like huge stone towers.  I found the shape of iconic buildings in Manhattan in the shape of an empty cigarette carton. Living as an artist in New York for the past 4 years I have collected empty cigarette packs to draw people and create new work. This is my artistic record of New York’s symbols and the lives of New Yorkers.

The principal subject matter of my work is my self-portrait. That being said, my self-portrait is not just a depiction of my own appearance. In the beginning, all matter was derived from only one thing. Likewise, people here originally stemmed from just one being and there was no distinction between races and nations. If we think from this perspective about the beginning, we are all one. After all, we become one: I become you and you become me. As my works are a self-portrait of us all, a figure in my painting is both you and others we do not know.
The self-portraits I portray depict all of our faces loaded with emotion. These are your looks reflected in a mirror.

When I paint I am not thinking about the subject of my work. My main concern is about that which goes beyond what I see and feel. I represent this in self-portraits, thinking about people. In this way, I can love them. Those who are the same as me live in this land, breathing with me. I think I can be found within someone’s appearance and vice versa. It is reasonably impossible but essentially possible. A dimensional point of view, especially a three-dimensional point of view, is really simple. I would like to see the world from a different perspective. In my mind, the whole is one in the world. This becomes more apparent when approaching the nature of things.

My imagination is constantly unfurling like a panorama. It brims with a rich variety of colors. I find it hard to concentrate consistently on a work due to whimsical ideas occurring every moment. It is a crack in my ideas and infinite ability. This crack is another color bleeding out from blended paints. Colors I apply to the canvas are a vehicle to unfold the world in a way that surpasses my expectations. These colors have different characteristics but play the role of unifying many elements and aspects on the canvas. Within my painting is a peaceful world where all move beyond boundaries freely. This is the direction my art has pursued.

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