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Guidelines & Requirements

Congratulations! You have been selected to be one of the artists in this year’s Artexpo New York Rising Artist Gallery exhibition. You have been selected from hundreds of applications—and you are now on the brink of expanding your art career.

The Rising Artist Gallery is managed and overseen by the Artexpo New York Rising Artist Curatorial Team. In order to preserve the intention, presentation and appearance of the Gallery, the RA Curatorial Team’s directives and decisions are final and may be different than an artist’s prior understanding. These RA Gallery Guidelines and Requirements are intended to clarify expectations.

Rising Artist Gallery Exhibition Includes

  • • Rising Artist (RA) Wall Space: Only one artist per wall, no share wall space
  • • Each RA wall space is approximately 10′ wide by 10′ tall. Due to construction, there may be some variance in actual size.
  • • 2 lights – No exhibitor furnished lights are permitted.
  • • Vinyl Wall Signage
  • • Show Hand-out Exhibitor Listing
  • • Artexpo New York website Exhibitor Preview & Listing
  • • Wall Mounted Holders for Brochures and Business Cards
  • • Curatorial Services

Rising Artist Gallery Set-Up Schedule

Rising Artist (RA) Gallery Meeting on Wednesday, April 3, 2019, at 11:30 a.m. in RA Gallery area.

Meeting is an introduction to Artexpo New York, the Rising Artist Gallery Curatorial Team, and review of RA Gallery Guidelines, Rules and Requirements. Attendance is optional but highly recommended.

  • • Rising Artist Exhibitors may set up beginning at 12 p.m. on Wednesday, April 3, 2019. No RA will be permitted to set up prior to this date and time.
  • • Each RA wall space is approximately 10′ wide by 10′ tall. Due to construction, there may be some variance in actual size.
  • • Artwork should be planned to be no more than 3 pieces per RA wall, covering no more than 70% of the wall space, 30% of the wall space is to be left blank and open.
  • • The maximum size artwork to be hung on an individual wall should be planned to be no larger than 8′ wide by 5′ high.

Presentation Guidelines

  • • Only one artist per Rising Artist Gallery wall is permitted.
  • • The Show Management Curator will curate and strictly enforce proper artwork presentation within the Gallery.
  • • The onsite Show Management Curator will approve the artwork and hanging design of each wall.
  • • RA Exhibitors are not allowed to exceed the perimeters of their wall with any type of artwork, sculpture or furniture.
  • • Signage is limited to Show Management provided Vinyl Wall Signage and 3″ x 5″ individual artwork signs (see TAPS signage specifics below).
  • • No artwork is allowed on the floor or stacked against the wall.
  • • Extra artwork must be stored off the floor and not in the Rising Artist Gallery booth space.
  • • When your artwork sells, 100% of the revenue is yours. We recommend that you “Square Up” ahead of the show in order to accommodate credit card transactions. Here is the link to establish your account: www.squareup.com
  • • If you do not have a means for accepting credit cards, the RA Gallery Curator will assist you with the transaction through our Show Office Services. A 9% credit card service fee is charged for handling your transaction.

Hanging Art Guidelines

Rising Artist Gallery Exhibitors must comply with the following rules and regulations:

  • • All displayed artwork must be matted, framed, gallery wrapped or otherwise mounted. Framed works must have a wire or other means of hanging. Every piece of art must be labeled with its title, retail price, and the artist’s name.
  • • Each RA exhibitor is required to notify the Show Management’s Curator if they will or will not be present for show set-up, during the show, and show break-down. Notification is required no later than April 2, 2019.
  • • If the RA exhibitor plans to be present for set-up, they are required to provide personnel to install their artwork with the Curator’s direction. Likewise, if they are present at the end of the show, they are required to remove and pack their artwork according to the break-down schedule.
  • • Each RA exhibitor is responsible for providing artwork ready to hang. Show Management will provide picture hooks, hammers, and ladders.
  • • Excessive or overcrowding of art on the walls is not permitted. Artwork can cover up to 70% of your wall space. 30% of the blank wall should be exposed.
  • • Show Management reserves the right (in its sole discretion) to remove art or anything from the show should it not be professionally appropriate, offensive in nature or discriminatory.

Marketing Materials

  • • One wall mounted brochure holder is provided and allowed per wall. This is the only place where your brochures may be displayed.
  1. Brochure holder is single pocket design to display 4″ x 9″ literature
  2. Holds typical tri-fold brochure measuring 3.4″ wide x 8.5″ high.
  • • One wall mounted business card holder is provided and allowed per wall. This is the only place where your business cards may be displayed.
    1. Card holder to display standard-size cards measuring 3″ wide x 2-1/2″ high.
  • • Each RA Exhibitor must provide TAPS signs for each piece of artwork to be displayed.
    1. On a card no larger than 5″ wide x 3″ high, a complete list of the individual artwork’s Title, Artist, price, and Size.
    2. These must be printed signs.
    3. Hand-written signs are not permitted.
Rising Artist Gallery - Brochure Holder
Rising Artist Gallery - Brochure Holder

At The Show

Your professional appearance and approach to your exhibition will enhance your experience and results at the show. Like any gallery environment, the Rising Artist Gallery has the primary purpose of representing its artists’ work. You are expected to be the best representative of your work and the Gallery as a whole. Therefore, you are required to follow these basic Gallery Guidelines:

  • • Smile, be present with guests, greet them.
  • • Ask open ended questions: Tell me about your art collection. What made you stop and look at this piece?
  • • Put down your phone or tablet. it’s show time! The only reason to use it is to show a client more of your work!
  • • Invite guests to sign in the RA Gallery Guest Book. the Show Management Curator will distribute all leads to the appropriate RA Exhibitor directly after the show for your follow up opportunities.
  • • Coats, handbags, personal items are to be stored in the RA Gallery closet. They are not permitted on the Gallery floor.
  • • No food or drink in the RA Gallery ever. Don’t bring food into the RA Gallery to eat later—store it in the closet. RA Exhibitors can take a break in one of the cafe and/or seating areas of the show.
  • • Limited seating is provided for the artists only in the RA Gallery seating area. This area is primarily designed to accommodate clients.
  • • Family and friends are welcome to the show. Please share a complimentary ticket with them. However, as this is an art show and exhibition, no loitering will be allowed in the RA Gallery area. Friends and family who come to see the RA Gallery and the exhibiting artist may find seating elsewhere in the show.
  • • Remember exhibiting at Artexpo New York is a tremendous opportunity—not just for connecting with possible clients and collectors, but networking. The aisles are full of exhibitors and attendees who are galleries, art publishers, designers, project managers and more. Not to mention the artists that are your neighbors. Everyone is a possible connection for expanding your business, learning an important aspect of the art business, a mentor, a friend.
  • • If you have a question, an issue, or a special circumstance arises, the first person to contact is the Rising Artist Gallery Curator. He will be there to assist you, solve problems, and work with Show Operations to get any special needs met.
  • • And one last thing: Check out the Topics & Trends Education Program. It’s a jam packed program, all day every day, covering everything from marketing smarts to creating a better website, design trends, and Art Talks, protecting your art and legal tips. Industry pros are coming in from around the country and the globe to be part of this stimulating program. Take advantage of their expertise!


Ask the Rising Artist Gallery Curator

NOTE: These Guidelines and Requirements need to be accepted and agreed by each Rising Artist Gallery exhibitor before arriving at the show and hanging their booth.

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