Show Catalog & Promotional Images

Image Guidelines

Your artwork will be uploaded to the Redwood Media Group Flickr account. Your artwork will also appear on the Exhibitor Art Gallery page on the Artexpo New York website. Additionally, it is understood that images and information uploaded may be used, without promise, in marketing materials and promotional campaigns (on the website, in print ads, via social media, etc.) with artist credit given. You can upload multiple images in the upload section of the form below.

Please try and submit images which are:

  • 150-300 dpi/dots per inch or ppi/pixels per inch in resolution
  • Presentation quality (edited images vs. raw photographs)
  • Images of artwork which you plan to exhibit at the Artexpo New York show
  • 1MB-2MB in file size

AENY Galleries, Art Collective, and [SOLO] Exhibitors will receive one full preview page in the catalog as part of our Marketing Program. Rising Artist and [FOTO SOLO] exhibitors will receive 1/2 page preview. If you would like to purchase additional pages please email Ashley Tedesco at

If you have any questions regarding promotional images feel free to email Kelly Smith at for assistance.

The deadline for the catalog image submission is March 30, 2019.
You must submit your images by March 30 to be included in the second edition of the catalog which will be posted on the website April 4, 2019

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